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#include <urllinkframe.h>

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Public Member Functions

 UserUrlLinkFrame (String::Type encoding=String::Latin1)
 UserUrlLinkFrame (const ByteVector &data)
virtual ~UserUrlLinkFrame ()
virtual String toString () const
String::Type textEncoding () const
void setTextEncoding (String::Type encoding)
String description () const
void setDescription (const String &s)
PropertyMap asProperties () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::UrlLinkFrame
 UrlLinkFrame (const ByteVector &data)
virtual ~UrlLinkFrame ()
virtual String url () const
virtual void setUrl (const String &s)
virtual void setText (const String &s)
PropertyMap asProperties () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
virtual ~Frame ()
ByteVector frameID () const
unsigned int size () const
void setData (const ByteVector &data)
ByteVector render () const
 Header (const ByteVector &data, bool synchSafeInts)
 Header (const ByteVector &data, unsigned int version=4)
virtual ~Header ()
void setData (const ByteVector &data, bool synchSafeInts)
void setData (const ByteVector &data, unsigned int version=4)
ByteVector frameID () const
void setFrameID (const ByteVector &id)
unsigned int frameSize () const
void setFrameSize (unsigned int size)
unsigned int version () const
void setVersion (unsigned int version)
bool tagAlterPreservation () const
void setTagAlterPreservation (bool discard)
bool fileAlterPreservation () const
bool readOnly () const
bool groupingIdentity () const
bool compression () const
bool encryption () const
bool unsynchronisation () const
bool dataLengthIndicator () const
ByteVector render () const
bool frameAlterPreservation () const

Static Public Member Functions

static UserUrlLinkFramefind (Tag *tag, const String &description)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
static FramecreateTextualFrame (const String &key, const StringList &values)
static unsigned int headerSize ()
static unsigned int headerSize (unsigned int version)
static ByteVector textDelimiter (String::Type t)
static unsigned int size ()
static unsigned int size (unsigned int version)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void parseFields (const ByteVector &data)
virtual ByteVector renderFields () const
 UserUrlLinkFrame (const ByteVector &data, Header *h)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::UrlLinkFrame
 UrlLinkFrame (const ByteVector &data, Header *h)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
 Frame (const ByteVector &data)
 Frame (Header *h)
Headerheader () const
void setHeader (Header *h, bool deleteCurrent=true)
void parse (const ByteVector &data)
ByteVector fieldData (const ByteVector &frameData) const
String readStringField (const ByteVector &data, String::Type encoding, int *positon=0)
String::Type checkTextEncoding (const StringList &fields, String::Type encoding) const
PropertyMap asProperties () const


class FrameFactory

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
static const String instrumentPrefix
static const String commentPrefix
static const String lyricsPrefix
static const String urlPrefix
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
static String::Type checkEncoding (const StringList &fields, String::Type encoding)
static String::Type checkEncoding (const StringList &fields, String::Type encoding, unsigned int version)
static ByteVector keyToFrameID (const String &)
static String frameIDToKey (const ByteVector &)
static String keyToTXXX (const String &)
static String txxxToKey (const String &)
static void splitProperties (const PropertyMap &original, PropertyMap &singleFrameProperties, PropertyMap &tiplProperties, PropertyMap &tmclProperties)

Detailed Description

ID3v2 User defined URL frame.

This is a specialization of URL link frames that allows for user defined entries. Each entry has a description in addition to the normal list of fields that a URL link frame has.

This description identifies the frame and must be unique.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::UserUrlLinkFrame ( String::Type  encoding = String::Latin1)

Constructs an empty user defined URL link frame. For this to be a useful frame both a description and text must be set.

TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::UserUrlLinkFrame ( const ByteVector data)

This is a dual purpose constructor. data can either be binary data that should be parsed or (at a minimum) the frame ID.

virtual TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::~UserUrlLinkFrame ( )

Destroys this UserUrlLinkFrame instance.

TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::UserUrlLinkFrame ( const ByteVector data,
Header h 

The constructor used by the FrameFactory.

Member Function Documentation

PropertyMap TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::asProperties ( ) const

Parses the UserUrlLinkFrame as PropertyMap. The description() is taken as key, and the URL as single value.

  • if description() is empty, the key will be "URL".
  • otherwise, if description() is not a valid key (e.g. containing non-ASCII characters), the returned map will contain an entry "WXXX/<description>" in its unsupportedData() list.
String TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::description ( ) const

Returns the description for this frame.

static UserUrlLinkFrame* TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::find ( Tag tag,
const String description 

Searches for the user defined url frame with the description description in tag. This returns null if no matching frames were found.

virtual void TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::parseFields ( const ByteVector data)

Called by parse() to parse the field data. It makes this information available through the public API. This must be overridden by the subclasses.

Reimplemented from TagLib::ID3v2::UrlLinkFrame.

virtual ByteVector TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::renderFields ( ) const

Render the field data back to a binary format in a ByteVector. This must be overridden by subclasses.

Reimplemented from TagLib::ID3v2::UrlLinkFrame.

void TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::setDescription ( const String s)

Sets the description of the frame to s. s must be unique.

void TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::setTextEncoding ( String::Type  encoding)

Sets the text encoding to be used when rendering this frame to encoding.

See also
String::Type TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::textEncoding ( ) const

Returns the text encoding that will be used in rendering this frame. This defaults to the type that was either specified in the constructor or read from the frame when parsed.

See also
virtual String TagLib::ID3v2::UserUrlLinkFrame::toString ( ) const

This returns the textual representation of the data in the frame. Subclasses must reimplement this method to provide a string representation of the frame's data.

Reimplemented from TagLib::ID3v2::UrlLinkFrame.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class FrameFactory

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