TagLib::MPEG::Header Class Reference

An implementation of MP3 frame headers. More...

#include <mpegheader.h>

Public Types

enum  Version { Version1 = 0, Version2 = 1, Version2_5 = 2 }
enum  ChannelMode { Stereo = 0, JointStereo = 1, DualChannel = 2, SingleChannel = 3 }

Public Member Functions

 Header (const ByteVector &data)
 Header (File *file, long offset, bool checkLength=true)
 Header (const Header &h)
virtual ~Header ()
bool isValid () const
Version version () const
int layer () const
bool protectionEnabled () const
int bitrate () const
int sampleRate () const
bool isPadded () const
ChannelMode channelMode () const
bool isCopyrighted () const
bool isOriginal () const
int frameLength () const
int samplesPerFrame () const
Headeroperator= (const Header &h)

Detailed Description

An implementation of MP3 frame headers.

This is an implementation of MPEG Layer III headers. The API follows more or less the binary format of these headers. I've used this document as a reference.

Member Enumeration Documentation

There are a few combinations or one or two channel audio that are possible:






Dual Mono.



The MPEG Version.


MPEG Version 1.


MPEG Version 2.


MPEG Version 2.5.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TagLib::MPEG::Header::Header ( const ByteVector data)

Parses an MPEG header based on data.

TagLib::MPEG::Header::Header ( File file,
long  offset,
bool  checkLength = true 

Parses an MPEG header based on file and offset.

If checkLength is true, this requires the next MPEG frame to check if the frame length is parsed and calculated correctly. So it's suitable for seeking for the first valid frame.
TagLib::MPEG::Header::Header ( const Header h)

Does a shallow copy of h.

virtual TagLib::MPEG::Header::~Header ( )

Destroys this Header instance.

Member Function Documentation

int TagLib::MPEG::Header::bitrate ( ) const

Returns the bitrate encoded in the header.

ChannelMode TagLib::MPEG::Header::channelMode ( ) const

Returns the channel mode for this frame.

int TagLib::MPEG::Header::frameLength ( ) const

Returns the frame length in bytes.

bool TagLib::MPEG::Header::isCopyrighted ( ) const

Returns true if the copyrighted bit is set.

bool TagLib::MPEG::Header::isOriginal ( ) const

Returns true if the "original" bit is set.

bool TagLib::MPEG::Header::isPadded ( ) const

Returns true if the frame is padded.

bool TagLib::MPEG::Header::isValid ( ) const

Returns true if the frame is at least an appropriate size and has legal values.

int TagLib::MPEG::Header::layer ( ) const

Returns the layer version. This will be between the values 1-3.

Header& TagLib::MPEG::Header::operator= ( const Header h)

Makes a shallow copy of the header.

bool TagLib::MPEG::Header::protectionEnabled ( ) const

Returns true if the MPEG protection bit is enabled.

int TagLib::MPEG::Header::sampleRate ( ) const

Returns the sample rate in Hz.

int TagLib::MPEG::Header::samplesPerFrame ( ) const

Returns the number of frames per sample.

Version TagLib::MPEG::Header::version ( ) const

Returns the MPEG Version of the header.

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