TagLib::Mod::Properties Class Reference

#include <modproperties.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Properties (AudioProperties::ReadStyle propertiesStyle)
virtual ~Properties ()
int length () const
int lengthInSeconds () const
int lengthInMilliseconds () const
int bitrate () const
int sampleRate () const
int channels () const
uint instrumentCount () const
uchar lengthInPatterns () const
void setChannels (int channels)
void setInstrumentCount (uint sampleCount)
void setLengthInPatterns (uchar lengthInPatterns)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TagLib::AudioProperties
virtual ~AudioProperties ()
int lengthInSeconds () const
int lengthInMilliseconds () const


class File

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TagLib::AudioProperties
enum  ReadStyle { Fast, Average, Accurate }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TagLib::AudioProperties
 AudioProperties (ReadStyle style)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TagLib::Mod::Properties::Properties ( AudioProperties::ReadStyle  propertiesStyle)
virtual TagLib::Mod::Properties::~Properties ( )

Member Function Documentation

int TagLib::Mod::Properties::bitrate ( ) const

Returns the most appropriate bit rate for the file in kb/s. For constant bitrate formats this is simply the bitrate of the file. For variable bitrate formats this is either the average or nominal bitrate.

Implements TagLib::AudioProperties.

int TagLib::Mod::Properties::channels ( ) const

Returns the number of audio channels.

Implements TagLib::AudioProperties.

uint TagLib::Mod::Properties::instrumentCount ( ) const
int TagLib::Mod::Properties::length ( ) const

Returns the length of the file in seconds.

Implements TagLib::AudioProperties.

int TagLib::Mod::Properties::lengthInMilliseconds ( ) const
uchar TagLib::Mod::Properties::lengthInPatterns ( ) const
int TagLib::Mod::Properties::lengthInSeconds ( ) const
int TagLib::Mod::Properties::sampleRate ( ) const

Returns the sample rate in Hz.

Implements TagLib::AudioProperties.

void TagLib::Mod::Properties::setChannels ( int  channels)
void TagLib::Mod::Properties::setInstrumentCount ( uint  sampleCount)
void TagLib::Mod::Properties::setLengthInPatterns ( uchar  lengthInPatterns)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class File

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